January 2005. Installation view. (images courtesy of Haswellediger & Co.)


White Light/White Heat, 2005.
3 disc box set remake of Velvet Underground LP with poster by Josh Smith
Featuring music by Rita Ackerman, Askar Brickman, Jutta Koether, Klara Liden,
Seth Price, Emily Sundblad, etc.

Money Painting, 2005.

Grand Openings, Anthology Film Archives, November 05.
Ei Arakawa, Jutta Koether, Emily Sundblad. Curated by Jay Sanders.

Enigma 2, 2006.
Tablecloth from Simon Lee opening dinner for Christopher Wool, London, 2006, stretcher


Mercado, 2007.
Ceramics, gift wrapping paper, stickers and vitrines
For the exhibition Otra de Vaqueros
Mexico City, 2007

All the King's Horses, 2004-5.
Zine, translation of Tous les chevaux du roi

Dans la rue, 2006.

Bernadette Corporation, Claire Fontaine & R.S., Imperio, 2007.
Super8 xfer to DVD

Awning, James Cohan Gallery, NYC, 2007

The Dealers, 2007.
Postcards, postcard rack.

RADIO DANIELE, 2007. Poster.
Ongoing radio program (with Christopher Williams)

Courbet your enthusiasm, 2008.
Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris.


The Belgian Marbles, Sutton Lane, Brussels, 2009

Ad (Artforum, full page), March 2010

Leggings (after Merlin Carpenter), 2009

Post Card (Koeln am Rhein), 2010
Dyptich: Acrylic on canvas, Rex Plus motion detector alarm

Michael Paintings (I, II, III), 2011
Acrylic on canvas

;-), 2011, Galerie Chantal Crousel.
Intsallation views, Bed Bug, Enigma

Flag, 2012
Table cloth taken from New Museum dinner for Klara Liden opening (Bowery Hotel), 2012, LED light strip, aluminum pole



The New Dealers, 2013


Living Currency, 2013

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